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Fax Solutions That Are Right For You..

Bring your faxing into the modern age with cloud hosted faxing system. We provide a reliable cloud hosted faxing solution that can meet all of your needs. With the ability to receive faxes with email address or a traditional fax machine(SIP adapter required).  Your business can reduce costs and management worries by removing the requirement to carry and maintain expensive machines and toner. Our systems are designed to scale to single or multiple sites to locally provide seamless communication tools. Designed from the ground up to fit your needs, we provide simple solutions that gives you the ability to access powerful systems. We tailor a system designed for your business.

How do I receive faxes?
There’s 2 ways to receive faxes. Either by email or a traditional fax machine(SIP adapter reqired)

Do I get a real fax number?
Yes you do. Bring you current fax number to us or request a new one and let us take care of the rest.  No special actions required from your side, We’ll configure SIP Trunk, SIP Adapter, DID Number(s) and secure PBX.

How do I send faxes?
You have 2 solutions to send faxes. 1.) Use a traditional fax machine that you currently have(SIP adapter required) or 2.) Log into your USER CONTROL PANEL (PDF files only). Simply click fax, enter recipient’s fax number, attach file, click send & we’ll send your attachment to your recipient’s fax machine and provide you with an email confirmation.

Most importantly..
All cloud technologies are dependent on the Internet. Internet connection required for this service to work.

Fax Service

$39.99 / month
per device
recurring charge

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